Using the booking module, you can create bookings for premises and equipment. You can send booking confirmations and display complete statistics on your bookings directly in EventOnline. You can also manage booking customers and customer groups.

Manage premises
  • You can set up what times each premise should be available for booking. You can also set up when at latest a booking must be made, or when the premise at it lastest can be unbooked. Booking terms, basically.
  • For those of you who wish to charge for use of the premise, is the possibility to add different price packages depending on for how many hours a premise is booked.
  • Specify different booking terms for every given premise which every booker must accept before the booking is made.

Overview of booked premises.
Statistics for premise bookings.


Use your own system design
It's possible to design the booking module so that it looks exactly as you want.
Booking confirmation
A confirmation can be sent out to any given e-mail address with information about the booking in question. It's also possible to send a confirmation when the booking is cancelled. Confirmations are sent in the users profile and appearance.

Book premise
Create a single booking or set up a recurring booking, which books up a certain date/time for an extended period.
Rental invoicing
With simple search features, it's possible to export bookings which can then be used for invoicing.

Customer groups
You can control what premises each customer/user has the rights to book through your customer groups in the system.
Customer login
Create user accounts for every given customer so that they can book premises on their own without your involvement.

Using the statistics view, it's possible to see the occupancy of every given premise. It's also possible to group statistics based on a specific customer group.
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