In EventOnline the participants are the center of attention. All participants who have been part of an event, an SMS, a newsletter or a survey are stored in EventOnline's CRM. Every one given contact has personally stored information comprised of 28 standard fields (e g: first name, last name, cell number, or title) including history of communications with the person. There's also a possibility to enter notes about every one given contact in the registry.

With EventOnline's CRM, you'll have a greater overview of your environment and your relations.

A user's profile.
List of users in the registry.


Split into groups
In EventOnline you can build on your registries and your communication through customized group sections.

Through different sections in the registry, it's easy to segment and follow up on your work.
Registry management
EventOnline manages your contacts in a registry and stores their personal information. In the registry, you can see if a contact has declined an event, has an invalid e-mail address, or other anomalies.

The system also differentiates between different mailing types, such as newsletters or web surveys.

Import to registry
Import contacts from other systems directly into EventOnline with the help of the Excel-import. Using the Excel import it's possible to match your documents columns with EventOnline's 28 standard fields.
Export from registry
Contact information in EventOnline are exportable to Excel, Text, CSV, Word and HTML file formats.
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