In EventOnline you can create newsletters and fill up your newsletter registry. That way, you can supply your recipients with continuous information customized to the right target groups. It's simple to link events and activities directly to your newsletters.

Newsletter in edit mode.
Settings for newsletter.


Subscribing to your newsletter
Take the opportunity to publish a form for subscribing to your newsletter on your website or through a link in an e-mail. The form can be customized according to your visual identity.
Unsubscribing from your newsletter
The system manages unique newsletter recipients. It also helps you keep track of those who don't want your newsletter anymore.

Through elements you have complete content blocks to easily create content for your newsletter.
E-mail groups
The system's CRM keeps track of your different e-mail recipients in different groups. This enables you to direct the right message to the right person at the right time. You can also see when an e-mail has been read by the recipient.

Load external recipients
If you have addresses or information in other systems or files, you can load and synchronize them in EventOnline. Either for your single e-mail, or you can create a new e-mail group through the registry.
Appearance of the newsletter
You can customize your newsletter with different fonts and graphics without knowing HTML.

This yields good e-mail marketing and clear communication for your trademark.

Registry care and invalid e-mail addresses
EventOnline displays if a newsletter recipient has an invalid e-mail address or a full inbox.
Schedule your mailings
You can manually set a date and time for mailing your newsletter if you don't want it to be sent right away.

Create e-mail templates
Build complete templates for different newsletters and use them every time you create new letters.

It saves time and yields a recognizable profile for your dialogue with the environment.
EventOnline's tags are intended for easily creating dynamic newsletters for your e-mail marketing.

Through the tags in the newsletter it's possible to retrieve information from the registry such as first name, last name, links to event forms, Facebook and so forth.
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